Mulesoft Integration

We are living in a “connected everything” world, where users look for integrated experiences and workflows across networks, devices, mediums, and touchpoints. Thus, applications and software have to provide an integrated view of the users’ world to stay relevant. It means that the ability to integrate data, services, and events across systems, whether on-premises or cloud, has become a critical need. Enter, the “middleware platform” in the form of enterprise service bus (ESB) and API gateway. Some of these platforms are also provided as iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) on the cloud.

Multiple such integration platforms are vying for the top spot, and MuleSoft has been one of the rising stars. MuleSoft has recently been named a Magic Quadrant Leader by Gartner [1], and is recognized as one of the thought leaders in the API-led connectivity domain. MuleSoft aims to help older and established organizations to essentially integrate new technologies through simple plug-and-play.